United States


For a period of over five years, AET’s technology has produced significant cost savings for a Boston-based hospital. In field tests, this hospital achieved fuel savings of approximately 4% when compared to traditional fuel oil and natural gas, respectively.

Figure 1:

Three 250-HP C-B

Boilers in Plant


Figure 2:

Single 350-HP C-B

Boiler in Plant


Figure 3:

Modular Blending Unit

for FOE Production located

within Boiler Facility

Figure 4:

Additive Tank

connection to FBU

Figure 5:

Water Feed to Boiler


Figure 6:

Dixon Blending Unit

( External View )

Figure 7:

Dixon Blending Unit

( External View )

Figure 8:

Dixon Blending Unit

( Internal View )

Port of Los Angeles Diesel Technology Demonstrations

In early 2010, AET completed contractional arrangements to begin diesel emissions control technology demonstrations at the Port of Los Angeles.

For the press release on the agreement: Click here