Product Application / Advantage
Diesel Oil Emulsion (DOE)
  • Capitalizes on the global trend of increasingly stringent environmental and emission regulations
  • Enhances fuel efficiency
Emulsified Biodiesel (EBD)
  • Allows for global adoption of biofuel by reducing the associated NOx emissions
  • Enhances fuel efficiency
Fuel Oil Emulsion (FOE)
  • FOE offers efficiencies for industrial boilers
  • Simultaneously reduces NOx and PM emissions
  • FOE keeps boilers clean, which reduces maintenance downtime
Residual Oil Emulsion (ROE)
  • Substitutes water for expensive light distillate cutters, which
    • Eliminates the need to import light distillates;
    • Allows the “released” cutter to be sold; and
    • Results in ROE, a direct and economical substitute for HFO
  • Produces low sulfur content fuel products in an efficient and cost effective manner
  • Produces higher yields with lower operating and capital expenditure costs when compared with conventional hydro-desulfurization
  • Operates under modest temperature and pressure conditions
  • Catalyst can be recycled
  • Used On
    • Middle distillate fuels – Jet, kerosene, diesel
    • Marine fuels – MGO, bunker fuels
      Distressed solvent blends
    • Recycled lubricating oils
    • Transmix – blends of middle distillate fuels as found in pipeline terminals
    • Pyrolysis oils – sometimes known as bio-crude or bio-oil, is a synthetic fuel as a possible substitute for petroleum. It can be produced from automotive tires, coal, wood, peat and other organic materials.

Tire Pyrolysis & Recycling

Technology under Development Application / Advantage
Innovation, Research & Development
  • Chemical studies cover the chemistry of the additives, the petroleum, the water and the resulting emulsions
  • Mechanical studies cover the blending processing for mixing the various petroleum products, water and additives
  • Combustion studies cover the ultimate end users’ application
Technology licenses being considered


  • Light-weight battery technology
  • Technology for recycling used engine oil